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I'm Brittany, a wife and mom of three who loves painting in the margins of my very full life.

Since childhood I have loved to paint, draw, and create, and I am thankful to have parents that encouraged me in this passion.  Although creating has always been a part of my life, it took a backseat to motherhood when our firstborn came along. I picked up my paintbrushes again, in earnest, after the birth of our third child. Our precious boy struggled with colic, and many long nights and days of crying ensued. Painting was something I would do in bits and spurts in the afternoons and evenings in between soothing him and caring for my other two children. During this season painting became a refuge and something positive and joyful to put my mind and hands to. There has rarely been a day since that I haven't painted, to find a moment of peace during a busy day. 

I hope to impart some of the joy and peace I feel in creating through my artwork and in some way point you to the greatest artist, God Himself. 

Learn About the Process

You May Want to Know:

I have 3 'Little Assistants'

My kids fuel my creativity and inspire it. They love to help me take listing photos and package art. I do most of my painting at their rest time in the afternoon but occasionally break out the non-toxic finger paint for a family paint session.

Antique & Thrift Stores

I love perusing thrift and antique stores for unique pieces for our home. I love mixing the old and new- a rustic farmhouse table with Eames chairs, an antique piano with a modern art. I hope to bring some of that style to my art- mixing bright and fresh pieces with antique frames.

I take my coffee seriously

I drink two shots of espresso with milk every morning, no sugar. I try to get up before my kids to make a strong cup of coffee to bring back in bed with me to wake up and read the Bible and pray before the chaos of the day starts.


We love to visit my parents in the NC mountains. I had the privilege of spending time in Europe and East Asia in college and would love to get back soon with my husband and paints!