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The Process


Every piece of art starts with inspiration. Often I am inspired by nature - a beautiful sunrise, a field of wildflowers- simple reminders of God's goodness and faithfulness. 


I paint often in the afternoon, at my kitchen table where I get the best natural light and a quiet moment to myself.

I love to use French watercolor paper and heavy body acrylics for the textural element they add.


As a piece gets closer to completion I start to think about framing. I love the story a collected or vintage frame adds to a piece of art and love sourcing them myself. When framing a piece of art I will often complete the painting in the frame to consider complimenting tones and use of space. 

Our collections

The most rewarding part by far is seeing a piece of art in its forever home. I love receiving photographs of artwork from my collectors and it feels like such a special collaboration of their inspiration and spaces and my work. It makes me excited every time an image pops into my inbox - like this one from Brittany Goodman.